Welcome the Uncle Skippy's Custom Hand Poured Soft Plastic Baits , Spin Baits and Jigs. Uncle Skippy's was started over 16 years ago when friends of mine kept coming to me and asking if I could product some spin baits and jigs for them. At first, crafting fishing lures was a hobby and now it is a passion.

Here at Uncle Skippy's we are a family business. We use only the highest quality materials to produce our lures and guarantee their workmanship.

On our website, we offer more than the opportunity to purchase our lures. We offer sections on "Tips & Techniques", "Recipes" and other items to better inform and enjoy the Great Sport of Fishing

Our website contains:

  • Tips and Tricks about Fishing and Hunting
    Information on fresh water fishing including identification of different species, their habitat, and what baits work well. Information on hunting game like Wild Turkey and Deer. We encourage all the fishing and hunting enthusiasts to share their Tips and Tricks by emailing them to us so we can post your information for others to learn.

  • Fish and Game recipes
    Are you hungry. What to do with all the fish or game you have in the freezer. I know; let's eat. This is the place where we can share our favorite recipes for fish and game but forget the side dishes that make the meal complete. There are:
    • Over 1200 Fish & Seafood Recipes
    • Over 600 Game & Meat Recipes
    • Over 80 Dutch Oven & Pie Iron Recipes

    You have some tools to help you to view and keep the recipes that you like. Here are some of these tools:
    • Search: This gives you the ability to search the recipes for certain ingredients, methods used for preparation, titles and recipe notes. Just click the Search button and enter the word or phrase at the bottom and choose where to search then click the Search button. Your results will be shown with the ability to click on the findings.
    • Export: This gives you the ability to make your own personal cookbook in PDF format. You just click the Export button, add a title and name who compiled the book, then choose any or all of the recipe categories you want to include in your cookbook. Then click the Make Book button at the bottom and a new webpage will open with your PDF cookbook to printout and/or save.
    • Recipe Cards: You have the ability to make your own 4x6 or 5x8 recipe cards in PDF format. After opening a recipe you want, you will see the 4x6 and 5x8 buttons on the bottom. Just click on the size you want and a new webpage will open with your PDF cookbook to printout and/or save. You can also choose the Print Friendly button and a new webpage will appear in a print friendly format to be printed out.

    If you would like to share a recipe, please email them to Please include the Title, Ingredients, Methods, Notes and Category.

  • Picture Gallery for fishing, hunting and the great outdoors
    Ok, it is time to brag about what you have accomplished. The picture gallery is the place to do just that; brag. This is the place where you can submit you fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors pictures. I try to always take a camera with me when I fish or hunt. You never know what you are going to see. And when you submit those pictures, you can give a short story or explanation about them if you want.

  • A download section for fishing and hunting information and fun stuff
    This is where you can download some Targets for shooting practice, knot tying and Ebooks on fishing and hunting.

  • Our Online Shop features Uncle Skippy's Custom Fishing Lures
    Here is where you can shop online fishing lures and supplies. All of his custom-crafted lures are hand made by him in his workshop. Uncle Skippy features Spinbaits, Buzzbaits, Spinners and Jigs of all different colors and sizes. Uncle Skippy also features custom, hand-poured soft plastic baits in many of the popular colors and styles. Uncle Skippy always guarantees his workmanship for the life of the lure. If you have a special order, no problem. There is no extra cost on any special orders. Some come browse our online shop.


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