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First of all, the nickname "Uncle Skippy" was given to me by a couple of women paramedic partners I had during my EMS career. I had a lot worst nicknames then that in the past, but since my family nickname for me is "Skip" it stuck.

I started creating fishing lures over 16 years ago when some of my fishing buddies of mine came to me and ask if I could make them some jigs. I already had some of the equipment since I was already reloading and pouring my own bullets. So I found a lure making catalog and ordered my first mold.

Over the next few years, these buddies would find other jigs, spinners and spinbaits that they wanted me to produce for them. When I started to produce more and more of my fishing baits, I went crazy. I sold my baits to other medics, firemen, doctors and friends; only charging about twice the amount of what the materials cost. This was a way for me to buy more molds and supplies.

A little over a year ago, I was "turned-on" to pour soft plastic baits. This just now put me over crazy to insane. I almost get as much pleasure creating fish baits as I do fishing (ALMOST).

This website is designed to keep the creating going. Other than being able to buy my baits, I have a Recipes, a Tips and Techniques, a Downloads and a Photo Gallery Section. Please feel free to use any of the information or even better, submitting your favorite recipes, pictures, or tips and techniques.

When I am pouring, painting, tying or bending creating fish lures, I make them to my personnal standards. If I won't fish with them nobody will.


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