Do you need a fishing log? Fishing logs are important to keep a history of you favorite and occasional fishing spots. Keeping a detailed log including weather conditions, water conditions, season, lures used and presentation, can help you increase your production each time you are on the lake.

I have developed a fishlog that I use when I am out and want to share it with you. The log is in a '.pdf' format. I used Adobe Acrobat 8.0 to generate this fishing log, so inside Acrobat reader, you can edit the log and save all you important information right on your computer and view/print it anytime. I usually save the fishing log's name using the lake and date. (ex. Jame5-22-07.pdf). Enjoy it and always good luck fishing.

To download my fishing log either right-click on the 'fishlog.pdf' and use the save-as to save it on your PC or just click on the
'fishlog.pdf' and it will open to a new window and you can save it from there.


Download Knot Diagrams PDFs

Knot Diagrams PDF 1

Knot Diagrams PDF 2

Knot Diagrams PDF 3

Download Soft Plastic Rigging Diagrams PDFs

Soft Plastic Rigging Diagrams PDF 1

Download Target PDFs

Targets Page 1

Targets Page 2

Targets Page 3

NOTE: You do need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.
It is free. Just click on the image


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