How to Fillet a Flounder


Step by step instructions and pictures of how to filet a Flounder, Halibut, Sole, Turbot or San Dab. For ease of viewing, we are filleting the top of the fish first, then the bottom.

  1. Place the filet knife just behind the top fin at the angle as shown.

  2. Next make the first cut across the fish cutting down to the horizontal bone. You will feel it against the knife.

  3. Beginning at the tail, cut at the edge of the fish down to the bone and following the edge as shown in the next three pictures.

  4. Position the knife as shown.

  5. Once there, grasp the filet cut between the filet and bone as shown in the next two pictures, stopping at the center bone.

  6. Once there, draw the knife over the center

  7. Once you have separated the filet from the bone cut completely through the fish as shown.

  8. The result will be one filet.

  9. Turn the fish over to repeat the same process as the top side as shown in the next five pictures.

  10. This results in two boneless filets.

  11. The final step is to remove the skin. Grasp the edge of the narrow end and make a cut, stopping at the inner surface of the skin.

  12. Holding the skin use a back and forth cutting action as depicted in the next two pictures.

  13. The final result.................................



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