Squirrel Hunting Tips


Here are some helpful squirrel hunting tips that people have sent us:
  • When sitting in a stand or blind squirrel hunting, stay still no matter what and always keep your gun set up so you can shoot. A squirrel barker (call) also helps to give you a great shot at a squirrel.

  • To help keep the hair off a squirrel while skinning it, wet the fur down first.

  • When squirrel hunting with an air rifle, always keep it cocked. The noise of you cocking often scares off the squirrels. Remember to have the safety in the on postion.

  • When squirrel hunting use a dried out walnut to knock against the wooden butt of your gun. Squirrels come out to inspect the noise.

  • You can make a 50 cent squirrel call. Just take 2 quarters and tap them together. Practice and you can get quite good at it.



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